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KindWater 14 litre SCTC

KindWater 14 litre SCTC

East Anglia’s most reliable electric single-cylinder timer-controlled water softener

This simple softener is ideal for homes requiring a reliable, budget solution to East Anglia’s very hard water.

Single-Cylinder – for simple, affordable softening

Timer-Controlled – for efficiency & reliability on a budget

Autotrol Valve – USA designed & manufactured to last

Tablet or Granular Salt – for maximum choice

The best entry level electric single-cylinder timer-controlled softener

East Anglia’s water is exceptionally hard. Making a water softener a necessity, not a luxury. But many budget softeners are not suited to such hard water. And to save money, they’re not built to last.

At KindWater we’re different. We rent out the same models that we sell. Softeners that we have chosen as the most reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers’ very hard water.

Simple – Programmed to regenerate at regular intervals to match your needs. With regeneration in the early hours when water use is minimal.

Reliable – With an American valve that is built and proven to last. And without a metering device that is often the first component to fail on a single-cylinder softener.

Cost Effective – Cheaper, more reliable and more salt-efficient than the more common demand-controlled, single-cylinder softeners. The best budget solution.

Specification for 14 litre electric single-cylinder timer-controlled

  • Dimensions: H 660mm * D 460mm * W 215mm
  • Peak Flow Rate 58 litres per minute
  • Regeneration time 42 mins
  • Water used per cycle 52 litres
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 5 bar

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