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Kinetico EasyTwin

Kinetico EasyTwin

The best softener available in the UK for under £1100

This high performance, twin-cylinder softener – built to last by Kinetico, the world leaders. Quality you can trust.

Twin-Cylinder – for continuous soft water 24/7

Demand Controlled – for cost saving efficiency

Non-Electric – with no fiddly controls or settings

Block Salt – so no mess and easy to handle

Exclusive to Kinetico twin-cylinder softeners

Countercurrent Regeneration – prevents salt and hardness contamination of your water, by cleaning the resin in the opposite direction to normal flow.

Pressure-Save Regeneration – ensures that the water pressure from your tap and shower don’t drop when your softener regenerates.

Soft Water Rinse – protects the the water softener from limescale damage, helping to make Kinetico the longest lasting softeners.

Specification for Kinetico EasyTwin

  • Dimensions: H 495mm * D 475mm * W 215mm
  • Peak Flow Rate 51 litres per minute
  • Regeneration time 12 mins
  • Water used per cycle 23 litres
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 6 bar

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