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Protect your home

Protect your home

Limescale is the No1 cause of plumbing problems. Find out why only a water softener will protect your home.

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Look & Feel great

Look & Feel great

Softened water is naturally gentle on your skin and hair. Discover the inexpensive luxury you won't live without.

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Save time & Money

Save time & Money

Softened water means no more scrubbing limescale. See why only a water softener saves this much time and money.

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KindWater’s friendly team of Engineers share over 50 years of experience. We service almost all makes of softener across East Anglia

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Whatever your question, we’ll be pleased to help. Find out why our customers are delighted.

KindWater Suffolk

KindWater Softeners are proud to be the favourite choice of customers in East Anglia.

KindWater Softeners – East Anglia’s favourite water softener professionals

So what makes KindWater Softeners East Anglia’s favourite? Well it could be because we install more water softeners into East Anglia’s homes than anyone else. Or because we have higher customer satisfaction ratings than any other water softener company – leading KindWater to become the first water softener dealer to be a Which Trusted Trader. Or because we are East Anglia’s main dealer for Kinetico, the world leader’s in water softener technology. Or because we offer every customer a choice of budget or best solutions – including rental with no minimum contract period. Or just because we are kind by name and kind by nature – a team of naturally friendly, helpful people who aim to leave you smiling.

And of course it helps that we really know what we are doing. KindWater’s team of friendly experts share well over 100 years of water softening experience. Whether you choose budget or best, you can be assured of the quality of everything that KindWater supplies and does. Because we never cut corners to compete – but we always deliver excellent value.

  • A family business since 2002 with 11 Employees covering East Anglia
  • Led by an industry association past-Chairman.
  • Install more softeners than any other UK dealer.
  • With outstanding customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Kinetico water softener main dealer
  • Resulting in the first invitation from Which? to become a water softening Trusted Trader.

Alongside our economy range of KindWater softeners, we are proud to be the main dealer in East Anglia for Kinetico – the world’s best water softeners. Kinetico manufacture the only twin-cylinder, non-electric water softeners in the world that have proved their reliability. And the only domestic water softeners that always give luxuriously soft water. And if you are fortunate enough to live in East Anglia, KindWater will make sure that you can enjoy unbeatable value on your choice of Kinetico water softeners. Contact us now to find out more about our SPECIAL OFFERS on Kinetico water softeners.