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Kinetico Premier Compact

Kinetico Premier Compact

Kinetico Premier Compact – Better engineered and better built, no other softener comes close

The Kinetico Premier Compact combines unrivalled performance, reliability and convenience – for the best of all worlds.

Twin-Cylinder – for continuous soft water 24/7

Demand Controlled – for cost saving efficiency

Non-Electric – with no fiddly controls or settings

Block Salt – so no mess and easy to handle

Using technology from over 100 patents, the Kinetico Premier Compact is the best water softener for customers wanting consistently soft water with the minimum effort.

Kinetico Premier Compact – SPECIAL OFFER –  save £300

KindWater is one of the top three installers of water softeners in the country and Kinetico’s main dealer for East Anglia

Our aim is to serve our customers with the best soft water experience at unbeatable value.

So we are delighted to offer the Kinetico Premier Compact water softener with £300 off the RRP.

Message us with your questions. Or give us a call on 01728 746 764 and we’ll be pleased to tell you more.

Exclusive to Kinetico twin-cylinder softeners

Premier E-max Technology – optimises salt efficiency while delivering the world’s most consistently soft water .

Premier Quiet Drive – precision engineered valve that delivers exceptionally quiet regeneration.

Premier Cabinet – stylish and robust, good enough to have on display and strong enough to last.

Countercurrent Regeneration – prevents salt and hardness contamination of your water, by cleaning the resin in the opposite direction to normal flow.

Pressure-Save Regeneration – ensures that the water pressure from your tap and shower don’t drop when your softener regenerates.

Soft Water Rinse – protects the the water softener from limescale damage, helping to make Kinetico the longest lasting softeners.

Specification for Kinetico Premier Compact

  • Dimensions: H 498mm * D 468mm * W 219mmAward winning water softener
  • Peak Flow Rate 51 litres per minute
  • Regeneration time 11 mins
  • Water used per cycle 21 litres
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 6 bar

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