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Distributor of Salt

PureSalt is KindWater’s in-house salt distributor

Order salt online

Whether you require a few bags or a whole pallet of salt, you can check prices and place your order online on our PureSalt website.

Click here for the PureSalt website.

Better service online

Ordering online is FASTER and more secure than by phone, always available and helps us to keep you informed of when your delivery is being made.

Click here for the PureSalt website.

Deliveries to Homes & Hospitals, Farms & Factories

From 20kg nationwide by parcel courier

For deliveries from a single bag upwards, we carefully box up hundreds of bags of salt every day.

National pallet delivery from 480kg up

We deliver nationally using larger trucks equipped with a tail-lift to unload your pallet of salt.

Commercial salt delivery by the experts

PureSalt is a leading national salt distributor of anything from a single pallet up to a bulk air-discharge tanker.

PureSalt is the UK’s most reliable distributor of salt

Quality assured

As experts, we understand your use for salt and the problems caused by poor quality. We only supply the leading brands that have earned our trust.

Helpful service

We ensure friendly, efficient service. Whether you want a few bags left in your garage, a pallet dropped on your drive or a 27 tonne timed delivery.

Competitive prices

Salt and service that you can rely on – all at low prices. PureSalt by KindWater is the leading independent distributor of salt. The UK’s best place to buy salt.

Dozens of different salts for hundreds of different applications

Whether you need salt for a water softener or a swimming pool, for agriculture or food production. Whether your winter need is for coarse grit or clean deicing salt. Block salt, tablet salt, granular salt or fine salt. Food salt or animal feed grade salt. Vacuum salt, sea salt, solar salt or rock salt. Packed salt or bulk salt. We’re here to help – just give us a call on 01728 745 910.

Or click here to visit the PureSalt website.

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