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How to choose a water softener

Budget Or Best – Softeners To Rely On

To enjoy consistently soft water, your water softener needs to be expertly matched to your water use and plumbing. So at KindWater we start by sending a friendly engineer to survey, advise and quote for your requirements.

All of our softeners use tried and tested, American-built valves. They are fully supported by KindWater’s engineers throughout the long warranty period – and beyond. And we only sell the same great softeners that are reliable enough to rent. Softeners that you can trust.

Whether you choose a budget or best softener from KindWater, we will ensure that it has the capacity to cope with East Anglia’s very hard water. And we will plumb it in without cutting corners. So that you get soft water to love.

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Single Or Twin Cylinder – Your Choice

Single-cylinder softeners offer a low-cost solution to hard water. But at busy times, they can run out of capacity. Because with just one cylinder, they can’t soften water at the same time as they regenerate (recharge the resin).

The addition of a second cylinder allows one cylinder to soften water while the other is regenerating. Giving continuously soft water, no matter how your water use varies. All this from a water softener that is also smaller and more salt efficient.

Kinetico twin-cylinder softeners have no controls or settings to worry about; have no electrical components to go wrong; and use easy-to-handle block salt. So that you can enjoy consistently soft water, for many years, with minimal effort.

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Kinetico – The world’s best softeners

Kinetico invented non-electric, twin-cylinder technology.

Unrivalled softeners – over 100 patent-protected features:

  • Unique valve design with counter-current regeneration, prevents brine and hard water contamination. [The only softeners trusted for use with at-home dialysis machines!]
  • Full flow achieved through a single cylinder, maintains water pressure in regeneration.
  • Soft water regeneration, protects the softener from scale to maximise its useful life.
  • eMAX technology delivers consistently soft water while optimising salt efficiency.
  • 45 years’ experience, made in the USA, Kinetico softeners are designed and built to last.
  • World leading warranties and service, delivered in East Anglia by UK No.1 KindWater.

Kinetico are the only water softeners that tick all the boxes – long life; low running costs; ease of use; and consistently soft water!

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