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Commercial Water Softeners

Friendly local service backed by international expertise

Supporting customers at every stage

KindWater is one of the UK’s largest and leading suppliers of domestic and commercial water softeners. With our own team of experienced engineers covering four counties, we pride ourselves on looking after our customers throughout the life of their softeners. As a major salt distributor we even deliver salt if required – all from the same friendly team.

A KindWater engineer will survey before advising and quoting on a range of solutions. We will deliver, connect and commission your softener – including plumbing if appropriate. Then provide ongoing support as required for all commercial applications.

We provide service and repair for most makes of water softener. During our first visit the the engineer will identify the existing equipment and the job it is being asked to do, then assess its condition and performance.

Simplex and duplex commercial water softeners

A simplex (single-cylinder), meter-controlled softener may provide an acceptable budget solution. But most commercial applications are best served by duplex (twin-cylinder) commercial water softeners. Each cylinder works in turn until exhausted, while the other cylinder recharges and then rests. This ensures a highly efficient, continuous supply of fully softened water.

Larger flow rates and capacities can be delivered using larger bore valves and vessels each holding up to 250 litres of resin. For very high peak flow rates, several duplex water softeners can be linked in parallel.

KindWater has long standing relationships with the leading American manufacturers of electric and non-electric commercial water softeners. Ensuring that we can answer even the trickiest questions.

From restaurants to nursing homes to water utilities

Payback can be a few months

From small pubs and restaurants, through to large nursing homes and leisure centres, we have supplied, installed and serviced water softeners for most applications:

So a KindWater engineer will be pleased to help – whether you need a small water softener for a commercial dishwasher or a large, multi-cylinder water softener to cope with swimming pools, showers and toilets.

Examples of our work

  • Major water utility – servicing, repairs, replacements
  • Large new nursing home – pair of large duplex
  • New build NHS endoscopy unit – specialist spec.
  • Leisure centre chain – supply, commission, maintain
  • Coffee shop – softener for kitchen & RO for drinks
  • Chain restaurant – replace failed softener
  • Pub B&B – 2 softeners for kitchen & accomodation
  • Alms houses – supply, install, maintain 20 domestic

Case studies of bad work made good by KindWater

Large prestigious hotel

When the existing very large water softener failed, a replacement pair of smaller softeners was specified by a local company. However when these arrived, the maintenance team and their plumbers correctly suspected that they were severely undersized. KindWater was commissioned to provide an expert opinion, which detailed their many inadequacies. A correctly sized softener was specified and successfully installed, at a lower cost than the rejected solution.

Secure nursing homes

In spite of paying for annual service visits, remedial work and replacement softeners, the homes suffered years of limescale damage. When KindWater surveyed the dozen softeners, some were fine but others clearly weren’t. Two were beyond repair, two incorrectly repaired and three wrongly specified. Working to tight budget constraints, KindWater replaced one softener (and eventually a second) – repairing, reprogramming or swapping other softeners to boost their performance.


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