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Rent Or Buy

Payment options to Buy a water softener

KindWater offers a range of budget and best water softeners. So you can be confident that we won’t push you to spend more than you want to!

We don’t ask for payment until after installation:

  • Pay by cheque or card.
  • Pay over 3 months with 3 cheques (no extra cost).
  • Or ask our friendly team about arrangements to spread your payments over a longer period.

All our customers love their softened water – but if you have any lingering doubts, why not Rent or Try Before You Buy first…

Renting a water softener with no minimum period

We are so confident in our products, service & value, we offer rental with no minimum contract period. Rental peace of mind includes install & maintenance, all for a fixed monthly fee collected by direct debit.

Most customers rent for many years, enjoying softened water – not unexpected bills. With the freedom to cancel at any stage (with no penalties). Or to buy their softener at a discount.

Or Try Before You Buy while renting a new softener

To dip your toe in softened water before deciding, you can rent a brand new water softener for a small premium. And then get up to half your rental payments back if you decide to buy it.

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