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We install more water softeners than almost anyone else in the UK. With the personal service of a family firm. At prices that are clear, competitive and affordable.

When you buy or rent a softener from KindWater, we use the same engineers throughout. They will survey your home, discuss your preferences and agree the best solution. When you’re ready, an engineer will spend about half a day (for a first time installation) plumbing, connecting and commissioning your water softener. And the same team will provide any ongoing support that you need throughout the life of your water softener. So you can be sure of enjoying many years of luxuriously soft water.

Because anyone can sell you a water softener. And then tell you that your problems are down to the manufacturer or the installer or your plumbing.

At KindWater we’re different. We take real pride in delighting our customers, with wonderfully soft water and first-class service.

Not just KindWater, Kind People too

We genuinely like helping people, with;

  • with helpful advice on the best options for your needs;
  • with the most reliable softeners, whether budget or best;
  • with professional installation by or own engineers;
  • with full guarantees on all of our work and products;
  • with service support throughout your softener’s life;
  • with salt deliveries & drinking water filters if required.

61% of our customers report that they are “Delighted”. Click here to see customer comments.

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