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When to fit a water softener

When should I fit a water softener for new home in Melton’s Longwood Fields to protect my home from Melton’s very hard mains water?

Bloor Homes have built a community of beautiful new homes in Melton’s Longwood Fields. A great place to live, with just one drawback – the local water supply really is very hard. Which is another way of saying that your water will be full of limescale. Which will soon build up on shiny new taps and shower screens and inside boilers and other water appliances.

As East Anglia’s favourite water softener supplier, KindWater has plenty of experience of helping to protect Melton’s homes from these problems. And the most popular time to fit a water softener is when a home is brand new, with immaculate kitchen and bathrooms.Unfortunately the second most popular time is two years later, when the damage done by limescale is too obvious to ignore.

Definitely better late than never. But every new homeowner who leaves it a couple of years to get a water softener, wishes that they had acted straight away. So the answer to when to protect your brand new home is a resounding now!

How to find the right water softener

The good news is that the right water softener, correctly installed will provide you with years of beautifully soft water with minimal maintenance. Our advice is to pick a well established, local company who will survey your home and who will still be there for you when you need help or a repair.

At KindWater we call it friendly local expertise. Ensuring that you get the water softener that is right for you and for your home – properly installed and supported for the 10-20 year life that you should expect from a good softener.

Take a look at our guide to how to choose a water softener. Or contact us and we’ll be pleased to answer your questions or arrange a free visit from one of our engineers, to survey your home and discuss your options.

Water Softener for new home in Melton’s Longwood Fields