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Values & Recruitment

Our Values

KindWater was founded from the ethic that every person is precious and deserving of respect, care and integrity. So these values shape our relationships with our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

KindWater’s success is built on providing the best products – with excellent service – at highly competitive prices. And we know that is only possible because we employ great people who want to do a fantastic job for their customers, their colleagues and the company.

We are also experts in our fields, expertise that has taken time to build. We don’t just do things the same as everyone else, we aim to do them better. Which requires each member of the team to really understand their role and be a champion for continual improvement.

In return all fifteen members of the KindWater team are valued as individuals. For people who take pride in what they do; enjoy helping others; and are happy with the flexibility necessary to a small business – KindWater is a great place to work!

Recruitment Opportunities

Sorry – there are no current vacancies at present but please check back

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