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We are always trying to save the environment and one way you can do this is by using a water softener. Your household’s carbon footprint can be significantly reduced by using this environmentally friendly technology, which can ultimately have a huge positive impact on the earth.


Hard water minerals lead to scale build-up and restricted water flow; water softeners remove these minerals which consequently improves the efficiency of your household appliances such as your boiler and shower. By maintaining a high level of efficiency, these appliances will be using less energy in the long run; there is a direct connection between your energy use and the environment, so by reducing your energy use you will reduce your carbon footprint.


As mentioned in the paragraph above, scale build-up is a major problem that can lead to a reduced lifespan of your bathroom appliances and boilers. Therefore, more appliances will be thrown out into tips and landfills, leading to manufacturers supplying an ever-growing number of replacements. Softened water protects your plumbing by prolonging the life span of boilers and bathrooms, therefore creating less waste. By disposing of your worn out appliances, you are damaging the environment more than you realise, so it is best to invest in this long-lasting technology.


Softened water requires less detergent, in regard to both washing clothes and washing dishes, and less harsh chemicals are used for cleaning limescale. As well as this, chelating agents that are used to remove scale are no longer needed when water softeners remove the hard minerals that cause scale in the first place. The number of pollutants and chemicals that these products release into our water stream will consequently be reduced, leaving us with cleaner water and a healthier environment.

Water softening technology offers various ways to provide sustainable processes that benefit the environmental impact your home has. We offer a wide range of water softeners so contact us today to make a change for the world around you.