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Water impacts our lives in countless different ways. It’s essential to our survival and has countless health benefits from improving your concentration to flushing out toxins and strengthening your immune system. Considering water makes up 60% of our bodies and 80% of our brains, it isn’t surprising that it has so many health benefits.

And it isn’t just humans that need water, the planet and its animals also depend on water to survive. Water is in everything around us; running a home requires water as does create many of the food products we enjoy including fruit, bread and chocolate. 

Water is such an essential part of our everyday lives that we often take for granted. Unfortunately, however, water isn’t an infinite resource. Water scarcity is an issue that currently affects around 700 million people around the world. And whilst many people struggle to find access to clean water, many of us are wasteful with water and take it for granted. 

To show how amazing water really is, we have created this infographic that looks at all the ways it contributes to our lives every day. Read on to learn more about all the ways that water affects our planet and the way we live.