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prevent eczema

Could soft water prevent eczema?

A new study being carried out by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London will look at whether soft water can actually prevent the onset of eczema in babies.

Professor Flohr, who is carrying out the research, previously led a study in 2016 involving 1,100 babies, which showed that those living in hard water areas had up to an 87 per cent increased risk of eczema, compared with infants in soft water areas.

The benefits of soft water for those who suffer from eczema are well established.  Leading manufacturer Kinetico carried out an independent trial with 23 families who had a Kinetico Water Softener System installed in their house, and found that severity of eczema symptoms was reduced in 83% of participants, with 91% recording less itchiness, and 96% noticing smoother skin and softer hair.  Of the 78% of participants regularly using emollients or steroid creams, nearly 70% said they were using less to control their symptoms.

One customer, Miss Ward, wrote to say “My son has had eczema since he was 4 weeks old and it was very severe. We had our softener installed and now he’s a different child. I am sure his symptoms have been helped by the soft water, as we had to use ‘normal’ water for two weeks when we had a flood. His skin became dry, cracked sore and the itch so intense it was reliving the nightmare again. [our Kinetico water softener] truly is a light at what can seem a very dark endless battle to win.”

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Photo by Megan Menegay on Unsplash