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Perfect Hair

For perfect hair at home, get a water softener

Sunday Times beauty columnist India Knight couldn’t believe her luck when she replaced her old water softener with a new one from Kinetico. Her first shower in completely soft water and she ‘noted that she was having a good hair day’. Or ‘perfect hair’ as she describes it in her article in the Sunday Times Style magazine on 30/09/2018.

As someone who constantly tries out new products, she assumed it was down to a conditioner that suited her. But then ‘it kept happening, regardless of what product I was testing.’ So that ‘in the end she twigged that it was the water softener!’

As India puts it ‘the water softener, screamingly obviously, has an effect on your hair – of course it does, I’d basically had limescale of the hair for three years, and now it was going, my hair was a completely different texture. To a dramatic extent.’

Her conclusion is ‘get an up-to-speed water softener if at all humanly possible.’ ‘I had thought I had messed-up, overcoloured 52-year-old locks and that unglossy, unsupple, incredibly tangly and knotty hair was just what happened, I thought it was my hair fate. Ha! W-r-o-n-g.’

For all these reasons and many more, India ‘heartily recommends’ the Kinetico Premier Compact. Which is the type of water softener that KindWater is proud to have installed for India.

Click here to find out more about KindWater and a Kinetico Premier water softener can help you to enjoy perfect hair – as well as wonderful skin and an easy-to-clean home.