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How hard is my water

It’s important to know if you have hard water in your area, and how hard it is, especially if you are moving house and need to buy new household appliances, or install a new water heating system.

A large percentage of the UK has hard or very hard water, so if you find out that you are in one of these areas, you will need to first and foremost consider a water softener. This will not only protect your new appliances and heating system from limescale, but also your surfaces, taps and showers in your new home.

Water hardness is a measure of the number of mineral deposits in your water; these mineral deposits consist of calcium and magnesium carbonates. If you are in a soft water area, the measurement will be under 60ppm (parts per million) but if you are in a very hard water area, the measurement will increase to over 180ppm.

Due to the different surroundings across the UK, water hardness can vary. In the East of the region, the majority of the water is taken from underground where it has come into contact with chalk and limestone; hard water minerals are therefore collected from these rocks resulting in very hard water. However, in the West of the region, the majority of water is taken from surface reservoirs and lakes where hard water minerals cannot be picked up, so it will remain as soft water.

Overall, water in the South and East of England is considerably harder than the rest of the UK; East Anglia has the hardest water in the country, with an overwhelming 15-25kg of chalk in each person’s annual water. Luckily, KindWater covers 4 counties within East Anglia and is the biggest supplier of Kinetico, the world leaders in water softeners.

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